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    Exterro’s Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions enable you to address your privacy, compliance and litigation risks more effectively and at lower costs.

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    Exterro’s e-discovery and privacy software are available as a complete end-to-end orchestrated solution or as individual products. Explore the products below.


    • Exterro Legal Hold

      Legal Hold

      The gold standard for automating your legal hold process

    • Exterro Legal Project Management


      Industry’s only legal GRC Project Management Solution

    • Exterro Data Management

      Data Management

      Comprehensive e-discovery, collection, analysis, review, and production

    • Exterro Early Case Assessment


      Industry‘s only solution that combines processing and collection into a single process

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      Fully integrated, complete review platform

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      Integrated production engine completes the e-discovery process


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      Data Inventory

      Modern, comprehensive, enterprise-strength data inventory

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      Data Subject Access Request

      Easily manage and orchestrate the entire subject access request process

    • Exterro data retention icon


      Industry‘s most trusted and defensible data retention and disposal software

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      Vendor Risk Profiling

      Rapidly and accurately determine which vendors pose data privacy risks

    • Exterro icon consent management

      Consent Management

      Quickly and easily implement the world's most popular cookie consent management solution

    Risk Management/Compliance

    • Exterro File Analysis

      File Analysis

      The foundational building block for your Information Governance efforts

    • Exterro index icon incident and breach management 70x70 blue

      Incident and Breach Management

      Be confident that your incident and breach response is both documented and defensible

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      Employee Change Monitor

      Reduce risk caused by employee status changes

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      FOIA/PRR Response

      Easily manage the entire FOIA/PRR process

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      Policy Management

      Defensibly manage your policy distribution and acknowledgement process




    “I can bring 5,000 documents down to an easy 1,000. It's huge."

    Linda Luperchio
    Director of E-Discovery & Information Governance

    “Exterro is the tool you need."

    Judith Devieux
    Manager of Legal Affairs

    “You can get into it without a lot of training."

    Albert Barsocchini

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    Deputy Counsel
    Las Vegas Valley Water District & S. NV Water Authority


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